EV Charging Solutions

We offer a variety of solutions with each market in mind because we recognize every industry has its unique set of needs and challenges. Let us help you find the best fit for your needs.


A combination of factors such as circuit capacity, parking and access control considerations, and tenant cost allocation differ across properties. With most EV charging done at home, property owners and HOAs will add EVSEs in phases with demand. This will require a solution that will not break the bank.

Corporate & Fleet

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular with employees and fleet operations. Facilities departments working with Fleet and HR departments need to address a variety of use cases, processes, and management considerations. Selecting a flexible EVSE solution that meets current and future requirements is critical.

Public Use & Retail

Customers charging their electric vehicles shop longer and spend more on food! However, it is important to protect against poachers using the EV chargers and going off property.  Access control and pricing strategies help here.  Additionally, there may be regulatory considerations depending on your location.

Education & Government

Adhering to complex regulatory guidelines and providing a safe and secure deployment of EV chargers that is not a proprietary solution can be a challenge. We are an American company with all its software development performed in the US and we work with suppliers who manufacture their EVSEs domestically.

New Development

Each development project is unique.  Coordination with contractors, property managers, and HOAs for the EVSE installation, commissioning and post project services agreement should be frictionless.  Using a partner who does not lock downstream stakeholders to a proprietary solution should also be a priority. 

Hospitality & Parking Mgmt.

Use of electric vehicles by travelers is on the rise. Providing EV chargers for guests, employees, and fleet vehicles requires a solution that is designed to handle these use cases.  It is imperative that the EVSEs are easy to use and offering the service can be an additional income stream or net neutral.

The Zevtron Management Platform

A Full suite EV Charger management platform designed with your needs in mind!

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